Winners and Losers United for Football and Beer

Winners and Losers United for Football and Beer

Winners and Losers United for Football and Beer


Pats fan preps for Super Bowl LI with a brew from the keg

Super Bowl Sunday has become sacred. Even if your team doesn’t make it, even if your team never had a chance to make it and you don all black in angsty rebellion, there’s one thing that can make the world right again – better even! That’s the boozy Super Bowl house parties.

The last 5 years my friends and I honored that great American “friendstrolling” tradition of souped up football watch parties. You know, the kinds that boast love and hate fueled debates, potlucks with beer battered wings, Kahlua-infused fruit dip, and Rudy’s creamed corn; multi screen, multi-room viewing areas; squares and other betting games to delight a gambler’s fantasy, and if you’re lucky (or overzealous) like us, a beer pong tournament on the side for cash money!

The truth is, beer and football go together like billionaire playboys and yachts, the latter of which we really don’t know about just yet, full disclosure. But one thing we believe is that sports can unite people across cultures. And so can Freebeer AI. If sports are your jam, our bot will dig up the place to be to get your fix with some added beer bubbles, and potentially new friends, no added cost. We may not know how to advise you on over-unders, but you can bet on us about this.

Oh, and one other thing we can tell you with a certain level of confidence (because we looked it up) is that the Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan lost the playbook “temporarily” at the Super Bowl Opening Day. All we’re saying is, how long do you think it takes to make photocopies? As if the odds weren’t already against you with a team that has a history of stolen playbooks, deflated balls, opposing teams fire alarms getting pulled late into the night, and whatever else has yet to be uncovered. Man, those Pats definitely have some loyal and creative cheaters fans. Bill must be a happy man….but let’s see what happens after the game.

Good luck to both teams today. Now I gotta get in front of the TV before I miss the coin toss!




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