What do Onesies and Free Beer Have in Common?

What do Onesies and Free Beer Have in Common?

I have a friend named Chip. He’s a loveable air force officer who’s into beer, parties with beer, and sporting onesies more often than anyone would find appropriate. It is also common knowledge that he will one day die of FOMO if he is unable to join said parties with beer and/or onesies.

For any of you out of touch with the hip lingo, that means “fear of missing out”. I bet now all those hashtags make sense…

Anyway, if you are like my friend Chip, we’ve got you covered and can keep you in the know about the things you care about and where to find them. For now, let’s skip over matching you to a onesie party, or how to date Chip. We’re talking about FREE beer!

You can begin your 14-day free trial directly at freebeer.ai.

We’ve already paired our first batch of trial members to an event in the UT area. We’ll spare you the “here’s what their saying” spiel this time. But just know that one guy was feeling so good (whether from the drinks or because of his decision to join freebeer.com is irrelevant). He was feeling so good that he invited additional friends who showed up with 10 minutes to spare before the booze would be gone. Now that’s dedication!

And that’s what we want to do for you: dedicate our time to automatically screen sites and event pages for you so that you don’t manually have to. Then we’ll provide you with an optimized suggestion for you AND your friends to the places that you care about together.

After all, we don’t want you to die from FOMO. We support you to live for what you love to do – especially if it’s in pursuit of free beer.

“Free beer today, tomorrow, always.”



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