Cheers to 2017!

Cheers to 2017!

Cheers to 2017!

Brian Atkinson and friends drink beer at an event while pausing to work out. (Anum Valliani)

New Year’s Resolutions anyone? They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. We and Forbes are here to tell you that’s a myth. But still, we’re here on day 13 and hoping you’re still going strong on whatever it is you decided to improve on for the year. To be honest, most of us bypassed on the goal-setting and just thanked whatever deity, cosmic force or lack thereof, that it’s no longer 2016. Yup, we’re all #winning right now. (Yes, hashtag-winning for double the emphasis, and thank you Charlie Sheen for your contribution to society).

Back to the point I was trying to get to: Why not make a habit out of something you LOVE? Forget failing at shedding those extra pounds or finding unrequited love. It’s 2017, no more clichés, okay!

Whether you subscribe to the mindset that habits take those three weeks or they’re formed daily, everyone always reaches a point in which s/he struggles to carry out that new habit and has to fight through or push forward. So, why not pick a goal that you can’t imagine being a struggle? We at Free Beer AI, Inc. can help you. We at Free Beer Ai, Inc. can empower you become regular consumers of complimentary beer.

That’s not all. If you’re choosing to get beer on the house, that means you’re a) allowing yourself the opportunity to save money for that soaring Austin rent b) getting out and being more social and courageous, and c) maybe doing some wall sits while pounding down that booze!

Now that does sound quite nice.




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