4 Ways Free Beer Can Make Your Life Better

4 Ways Free Beer Can Make Your Life Better

4 Ways Free Beer Can Make Your Life Better


These tall drafts of happiness can ACTUALLY make your life better. #ThatSkyTho

What gets you all riled up about beer? Is it the perfect pour that entrances you as you see the foam froth and slowly dissipate, or the powerful burst of flavor as the hops kiss your taste buds to life? Maybe it’s the clink of the glasses that serenades your ears as it solidifies the cheers. Okay, all this poetic diatribe is bullshit, you might just like how it tastes or how it makes you feel…

But there is one truth here: All beers are NOT held equal. FREE beer just tastes better. In fact, free beer can make your life better, and here’s how:

  1. It comes with opportunities!

Free beer just tastes better in Austin because here, most free brews come with other incentives, often entrepreneurial. After all, startup culture is all about networking drunken schmoozing. When there’s booze for the public, it’s so we can buy into their pitches and sales-y tactics while generating a positive opinion about them that skyrockets into brand loyalty. (We knew these people were sharp, and not just because they have investors backing them). On the flip side, if you’re looking for a new job or opportunity, events with free drinks or snacks are often going to attract some movers and shakers.

  1. It makes you not give a sh*t…even more than usual.

Okay, we realize this can sound bad, but we mean it in a purely innocent way – like by getting so uninhibited you let go of fears or laziness, and instead get your ass up and grab the bull by its massive balls! I mean, we’ve all heard of “liquid courage”, but beer could very well be called “creative juice” too with how it can bolster new and unexpected thoughts. Just think, you’re next big idea, could be one sip away!

* Full disclosure, we mean “one sip” at the right event.

  1. You’ll have more money in your bank  to blow!

Where are all my millennials at? You’ve basically made it if you’re not still living at your parent’s house. Regardless, whoever you are, if you’re living in Austin, I’m sure you won’t mind finding ways to save money, especially if you don’t want to give up all that avocado toast to supposedly buy a house! So now we just have to find out how many free beers you would have to drink to make up for your usual cost to beer. Who knows, maybe after chatting up with an investor over a free beer, you end up pitching a product that becomes the next big unicorn company and then you can buy all the beer and avocado toast and whatever house you want! #lifegoals

  1. You’ll subconsciously pay it forward.

Hate to break it to ya, but your brain is a sucker for free! No joke, ask your marketing buddies. We won’t get into the details, but just simply put, if you get, then you’re compelled to give – as if you subconsciously try to even out your win. In short, you could create a positively happy chain of events among Austinites, and we totally support that!

Alright, that’s the pitch. Go drink.

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